OurJamz – Online Music Collaboration

OurJamz is a site for online music collaboration between musicians located anywhere in the world, with just a laptop and a fast internet connection.

With OurJamz, you can start with an empty slate or upload a backing track to begin.

Then you collaborate with friends to add drums, guitar, bass, keyboards & vocals to make your cover or original. Each person that adds to the Jam makes their own mix and the owner gets to choose which mix is the default.

With OurJamz, you can add effects and change levels of each track to make the best mix possible.

Online music collaboration has never been easier, and you can even add a music video that cuts between scenes to add that special finishing touch to your Jam.


OurJamz - Online Music Collaboration

You can try OurJamz for free and the premium features allow you to take your mixes & music videos to the next level!