Adam Herbel

Adam Herbel

Adam Herbel is the product of an Electrical Engineer turned Software Developer and a social butterfly. As such, he has the tenacity of a Programmer and the desire to meet new people everywhere he goes.

Learning new skills and teaching them to others is something that he has done since he was young, from swimming & dancing to CPR, Social Media, and Customer Service.

Adam enjoys a variety of tasks from physical work to problem solving. With 15 years of Customer Service & Operations experience, he can add real-life working knowledge to any team.

Over the years, he taught himself HTML, how to edit basic Videos, took basic Photoshop, Dreamweaver, & Javascript classes, and performed basically all the Marketing functions in three companies that he founded. Adam wrote Radio Ad Copy, setup WordPress sites, coordinated Logo & Color Scheme creation and Networked (the human face-to-face kind) like crazy.


To see more about Adam Herbel, you can check out his LinkedIn Profile.